Tax Reform

Members of the ASA have invested millions of dollars in inventory and equipment and rely on a sound, functioning economy to distribute their products to the residential and commercial construction market.  Federal tax policy provides many incentives for the PVC and PHCP industry along with a number of impediments.  As independent, small-and medium-sized businesses, as well as national wholesaler-distributers and manufacturers, members of ASA support tax reform that recognizes the diversity in our economy and the need to encourage growth through a business friendly environment and advocating for:

  • Last in, First Out (LIFO)
  • Opposing a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) on imported goods
  • Sales tax Fairness in the Marketplace
  • Supporting Homeownership
  • Ending the Death Tax 
  • Protecting S-Corps, Partnerships, ESOP's and LLC's
  • Comprehensive Tax Reform
  • Domestic Production Credit
  • Accelerated Depreciation for Showrooms
  • Section 179 Deduction

*NEW* House Ways and Means Committee "Blueprint" for Tax Reform

Included in the Blueprint includes a commitment to preserve LIFO, but it also includes a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) which would levy a tax of nearly 20% on imported goods and exempt exports.

Action We've Taken


Letter to Chairman Baucus Opposing LIFO Repeal


ASA Letters to House Ways and Means Working Groups

S Corps Association Letter in Support of S Corp Modernization Act

S Corps Association Letter in Support of Comprehensive Tax Reform


Main Street Business Letter on Fiscal Cliff

LIFO Coalition Response to OMB Acting Director Jeffrey Zeints

Letter to Reid, McConnell, Boehner, and Pelosi on Preserving Treatment of S-Corporations During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations


Letter to Camp, Levin, Baucus and Hatch on Preserving Treatment of S-Corporations

Letter to Chairman Camp in Support of H.R. 674, Repealing the 3% Withholding Tax

Multi-Industry Letter to Speaker Boehner in Support of Debt Ceiling Increase

LIFO Coalition Ad in Hill Papers


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