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ASA and PMI Join Forces for April Washington Fly-In

On April 10, leaders of the PHCP and PVF industry were front and center advocating on issues important to suppliers and manufacturers. The American Supply Association and Plumbing Manufacturers International joined forces at our industry’s Legislative Fly-In on April 9 and 10, learn more.

New Proposal Would Delay Looming Health Insurance Tax
Since the Affordable Care Act’s passage, ASA has been fighting for repeal of the Health Insurance Tax (HIT).  It has already hit small businesses, but the bipartisan Small Business and Family Relief Act would provide two years of relief to the millions that would be impacted, learn more. 

Business Groups Thank Leaders for Preventing Disaster

ASA and leading business groups sent a “Thank you letter” to those members of Congress that voted to reopen the government, raise the debt ceiling to preserve the full faith and credit standing of the U.S. government, learn more.

Medical Devices, What's Taxed and What isn't?

Among the moving parts in talks over the government shutdown was a 2.3% tax on medical devices. Intended to raise money to help pay for new insurance coverage for millions under the Affordable Care Act, it's estimated to garner $30 billion dollars over the next ten years, learn more.

Congress Like Airplane Without Landing Gear

If it’s the end of September, the threat of a government shutdown once again looms large. By law, Congress must pass appropriation bills by the end of each fiscal year to authorize spending for government programs. As in previous years, a temporary continuing resolution (CR) is often passed for several months to allow for both sides to hammer out a more permanent budget agreement. Both parties have been adamant that they do not want a shutdown, but neither side appears willing to come to middle. Click hereto read more.

President Travels Country Discussing Economy - ASA Says 'Approve Keystone'

With Congress gone for the August recess, President Obama has traveled coast to coast laying the groundwork for pending fall fights over spending and the debt ceiling. Along the way, he's raised various ways that we can jumpstart our economy. ASA agrees, our economy can use improving, which is why hundreds of our members have written the President to approve Keystone XL today. Don't delay, click here to write the President!

Tax Fight Gains Momentum, President Lays Groundwork for Corporate (Only) Tax Reform

As members of the House and Senate wrap up their summer session before heading home for August, the issue of taxes, the economy and spending are the talk of not just Washington, but the entire country. ASA supports comprehensive tax reform, not just a piece-meal approach, or corporate only and has been working towards this goal. See our efforts here.

House Takes Up Legislation Codifying Delays in Individual and Employer Mandates in Affordable Care Act

Since the law's passage, ASA has been fighting for a repeal of the burdensome employer mandate. While a delay may be welcome relief, there is more work to be done. Unfortunately, a temporary delay of the employer mandate does not fix the inherent problems of the provision. While it may give businesses one more year to prepare for compliance, businesses will not hire additional personnel or increase hours simply because the provision is delayed. Fortunately, the temporary delay provides Congress further opportunity to remedy the fundamental problems of the employer mandate. See our letters here and here.

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