Spirit of Innovation Award

ASA Spirit of Innovation Award presented by UnleashWD

In an effort to recognize and encourage innovation in the wholesale distribution industry, UnleashWD and the American Supply Association announce the creation of an innovation award.

Distributors may submit their entries from now until, June 15, 2014 through the website: http://www.unleashwdinnovationaward.com/. Entries cost $150 to cover program costs. Winning organizations will be announced at NetworkASA this September in Las Vegas.

“Innovation is the only way for distributors to create a sustainable future,” Dirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD said. “As the only innovation summit for the wholesale distribution industry, it is only natural for UnleashWD to partner with ASA to recognize PHCP and PVF distributorships and suppliers for their efforts and to promote innovation in the industry as a whole. This award will show that innovation is not reserved for a select few companies.”

"Partnering with UnleashWD will help our members build a better future for their businesses. Innovation is the key to success, and this award will highlight how some of our members are assuming leadership roles on this path,” said Michael Adelizzi, ASA Executive Vice President.

PHCP and PVF distributorships and suppliers will be recognized from two different categories: revenues under $100 million and more than $100 million.  The award is open to all ASA members. Distributors may work with a supplier or a technology company to produce a submission if it is a collaborative project.

UnleashWD defines innovation as “solving problems in a way that the organization finds a new way of creating, delivering or capturing value.” Submissions may cover almost any innovation effort with special consideration granted to the following:

·       Creating a culture of innovation

·       Business Model Design

·       Leadership

·       Integrating the voice of the customers into the project

Judges will review submissions based on how the innovation effort transformed the organization, what new value was created and the results achieved. Since innovation works best in a fail fast environment, organizations are encouraged to submit projects that have provided a learning experience or have yet to reach fruition.

ASA is hoping to drive innovation in our industry by recognizing those firms that have demonstrated a change in mindset and culture that has kept most distributors stagnant. Winning entries will be recognized at NetworkASA this September in Las Vegas and in Supply House Times magazine.

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